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the Epic Loads Guild Master is an rpg with Hero Gacha-Mechanics, Dating Simulation and Mini-games! You’ll help Heric raise a large - and handsome - band of heroes and save the world from the Gnosis, aliens with incredible power who threaten the world of Testos. May your sword never falter, and your body endure. For Virildom!

!! THIS GAME HAS NSFW CONTENT - For mature audience only !!

♦ 0.06d Update  [30/04/2021]

It's Valentines season! Yet, it is very important for each and every one of us to respect social distance! Luckily, this doesn't mean that you won't get to go on dates! During the month of February, ELGM will receive several patches with new dating sequences!

For now, there's only a "1st Date Sequence", but it will be expanded to include tons of in-depth dialogue and special cutscenes later on! The schedule for updates is as follows;

*!! For those seeking out this content, you must first unlock the "Pond Date" cutscene before taking units on dates at the Pub!!

[ PATCH LOG - 0.06d  30/04/2021]

[Visuals: All Units and the NPC Tool Boy now have character sprites!]
[Fix: Various bug fixes]
!! This current version is NOT Save Transfer Compatible, It is highly recommended to restart your game. !!

♦ Things I’ll be working to include in 0.07 (and further updates)

- Take all demo units out for a date!
- Evolving Units (Class Change)!
- Second Dungeon!
- Camping!
- Crafting!
- Achievements!
- And a lot more!

- Inside your current game folder you'll find a "www" folder. Copy the "save" folder inside it, to the "www" folder in the new update version.

Since I don't own a MAC I'm not sure how it works, but if you can identify any save folder or file, simply copy+paste it to the same location of your new update version and it should work.
(!! This current version is NOT Save Transfer Compatible, It is highly recommended to restart your game. !!)

( since the zip is over 1GB itch does not allow me to upload it, I'm trying to fix it)
- Some have reported the game only works when downloaded through Itch.io client.
- There's a second fix guide inside the .Zip file.

- Please keep in mind this game is a Work-in-Progress and is still at a very early stage of development. Everything is susceptible to change and bugs will definitely occur, (and to that I kindly ask you to report any at the dedicated community forum page or my Discord channel!). With that said, the game will receive a handful of patches before moving to 0.06 dev stage. Thank you so much for sticking with me through this long journey and supporting the game! This wouldn't be possible without you!

If you like where this project is heading, please consider supporting me on my Patreon! [NSFW!] ( There's about 300+ posts there too, so it's a win win!)

Enjoy! Lots'a'Luv, PPmaq ♥

StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(132 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
TagsBara, Dating Sim, Dungeon Crawler, Fantasy, Gay, Hand-drawn, NSFW, ppmaq, RPG Maker


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